- Team Athlete Integrity

Our mission is to inspire athletes and teams to win from within with integrity.

Life Coaching for Athletes with Integrity

Katherine has developed Team Athlete Integrity out of experience from working athletes for over a decade to address abuse in sport. With Team Athlete Integrity our mission is to Inspire Athlete to win from within. Our coaching style developes the athletes voice, works with athletes to develop a complete plan for the current and after life of sports while addressing patterns that have formed athlete from their historical influencers.

Our coaching is deigned to inspire athletes retired and active to find integrity in all aspects of their life

We offer low cost coaching and grants for athletes in need.

Life Coaching for Teams with Integrity

When you can change the dyanmics of a team with integrity, you change the outcome or the results on a human level. Players and athletes learn how to take personal responsibility while being a upstanding teammate. All our programs are customed designed while keeping the philosophy and structure in tact. We work with all levels of teams from High School age through to professional sports.

Inquire about a customized program for your sports team.