- Safe4athletes

A non-profit dedicated to providing a safe and positive environment free of abuse, bullying and harassment. #AthleteVoice

About Safe4Athletes

Safe4Athletes is a comprehensive program that addresses all forms of abuse in sport. Our structure addressing the issues at the local level. We work with Team management, coaches, athletes and parents to address issues that arise in the sports environment. We educate the All aspects of the team, we provide support to when an issues arises and we help our programs navigate through the Safe Sport process.

Become a Safe4Athletes Program

With our comprehensive set of policies and the designed structure of having an Athlete Welfare Advocate available at the local level or through Safe4Athletes. Issues that arise have a way to removed from the system without confusion. All stakeholders and educated about their responibilities to the team.

When an issue arises Safe4Athletes knowledge is comprenhensive allowing for issues to resolved in a timely manner

Join Us in Supporting Safe4Athletes

A small donation goes a long way. Helps in meeting our goals to continue to offer program and services to sports team at a minimal cost. Either a one-time doantion or monthly will collectively change the voice of young athletes that will impact a lifetime.