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Katherine Starr and Judie Saunders sat down to discuss what it means to have integrity in sports. This is a five-part series that goes in-depth, discussing all the stakeholders in sports, athletes, coaches, and parents. Each episode touches on a different stakeholder. This series is especially important for parents with developing athletes.

We explore what it means to be integrity in sports for all stakeholders, the athlete, the coach, the team, and the institutions. We all play role in being out of it; how can we all play a role in being in it? Listen to Judie Saunders and Katherine Starr talk about this in-depth as we touch on each aspect of the sport and the stakeholders.

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The SERMAPod Ep. 48 | Addressing Sexual Harassment by Coaches


SERMA founder and CEO Rich Lenkov is joined by 2-time Olympian Katherine Starr, the founder of Safe 4 Athletes and author of “Rescue Me: A Powerful Memoir of an Olympian” to discuss the unfortunate history and trends of sexual harassment of athletes by their coaches.

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Katherine Starr