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Life Coaching for Athletes with Integrity

Katherine Starr OLY CLC

Katherine is an author and a certified Life Coach who specializes working with Athletes. Katherine has worked for over ten years of addressing athlete concerns. After years of addressing abuse, understanding the pitfalls in the system it was time to turn her focus to bringing integrity into sports with the athlete voice. The best way to bring in integrity is to develop, teach it for all stakeholders in sport. As a result, Katherine now offers free workshops, coaching services and team training for all the sports community to thrive from within.

Why is Integrity Imporant?

After tirelessing working with athletes over the past decade a few common patterns started to surface leading me to look at my own patterns and pitfalls. As I became aware of these patterns I started see areas where I was out of integrity wtih myself. Being a survivor of abuse I had every excuse in the book to be stuck in the story. While I silenced the voice inside of me, leaving me without a voice, I was also out of integrity myself by not speaking up. I didn't have the skill set or the ability to understand that about myself. When my patterns where brought to the surface and I could see how they were impacting my life and those around me. As I began to free myself from the lies that I told myself, my life started to expand into something beautiful. I stepped into my integrity of self.

I work with athletes from high school to pro. The patterns the struggles are all the same it is just the scenery that changes. Let me help you find your voice, find your path, find your inspiration.

Transformation is fun and exciting. Learning how to win from win is even more empowering.

Coaching for current/retired Athletes

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if you can't afford it no problem, at Team Athlete Integrity we offer low cost and grants for athletes in need. No strings, just apply for help and tell us about your situation and we'll let you know how we can help through our free or low cost programs.

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