Sports Sexual Abuse Expert Witness & Title IX

Katherine Starr, has opined on many legal cases addressing all forms of abuse in sports. 

    • Sexual Abuse, Sexual Bullying, and Harassment
. (Title IX) Public and Private

    • Sexual Abuse, Sexual Bullying, Harassment, and misconduct
. (Title IX) - Federal case experience

    • Liability and Standard of Care Expert:

    • Sexual Harassment and gender-based violence.

    • Sexual Abuse in Educational or Youth-Serving Organizations


    • Complex Athlete emotional abuse - Team and Individual.

Recent Publications

Justice in the Pursuit fo Sport - May Edition of Trial Magazine (2023)

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Current On-Going Case Involvement

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Not all cases are Doe, actual names provided in C.V. were applicable.

  • Doe vs. Earth Treks – Maryland (Plaintiff)
  • Doe vs. Arizona Board of Regents – Arizona (Plaintiff)
  • Doe vs. Hesperia Unified School District – CA (Plaintiff)
  • Doe vs. Regents of the University of California – CA (Defendant)
  • Doe vs. USA Gymnastics (Plaintiff) (Multiple Cases)
  • Doe vs. Pop Warner Little Scholars (Plaintiff) (Multiple Defendants)
  • Doe vs. Torrance School District (Plaintiff) (Multiple Cases)
  • Doe vs. Federal Way School District (Plaintiff)
  • Doe vs. Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc.
  • Doe vs. Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc.
  • Doe. vs. Blackhills Football Club, Thurston County – Washington
  • Doe vs. USTA – Santa Clara County, CA
  • Doe vs. Sisters School District (Multiple-client Complaint)
  • Doe vs. Black Hills Football Club, Thurston County - Washington
  • Doe vs. San Diego Sports, San Diego, County - California
  • Doe vs Kirkwood Sports Association, St. Louis County - Missouri
  • Doe vs. Glacial Gardens, Los Angeles County - California
  • Doe vs. et al. v. South Sound Lacrosse, et al.
  • Doe vs. Middletown Little League.

Expert Witness & Consulting.

  • Department of Justice (DOJ) - Title IX litigation (2022)
  • Senator Blumenthal (CT) – Senate Hearings (Advised Staff in preparation for Senate Hearings 2018)
  • Senator Udall (NM) – asked to contribute to senate hearings on sexual abuse in sport (2017)
  • Senator Feinstein Office – Feinstein Sexual Abuse Bill (2017)

  • International Olympic Committee (IOC) – Expert on Harassment & Abuse in Sports (2015)
  • European Union – Best Practices for Sexual Abuse Prevention in Sport (2015)
  • USA Government Office of Accountability – Youth Sport Campus on College Campus athlete abuse prevention strategies (2015)
  • University of Utah Athletic Department – Policy Development (2013)